About Us

Namibia has been called the ageless land, the parched land, and the last frontier. It is any single one or a combination of all these and even more: from tropical Okavango in the northeast panhandle to diamond-studded Oranjemund in the southwest corner, it is a vast and fascinating land. The kaleidoscopic charm of its nearly two million people and about one million square kilometres of scenery are exquisite.
Hans-Dieter Göthje, the founder and owner of Kallisto Tours & Services was born and bred in the coastal town of Swakopmund in Namibia. As a former businessman, politician, town-councillor and mayor of Swakopmund, he acquired an excellent knowledge of his home country in all respects. Due to his love for nature, he qualified for a Badge II at the Namibia Academy for Tourism & Hospitality and founded Kallisto Tours & Services with the object of offering special guided tours for smaller groups at affordable prices.
“Kallisto” is a Greek word and means “the finest”. Numerous letters from satisfied clients bear testimony to the fact that our tours are indeed considered to be of the finest tours available. We would also point out, that Kallisto Tours & Services endorses Ecotourism, which has been defined as “responsible behaviour towards nature and indigenous cultures”.
We would love to take you on one of our tours and look forward to your response.


We are back in the crazy London life and the humdrum it has been non stop.
Hope everything is ok on your side in your gorgeous country! We had a great great time visiting south of
Namibia with you, you’re a fantastic guide Hans!
-Harald and Vanessa

We cannot thank you enough for the lovely tour on Saturday to the Spitzkoppe. All I can say is
that we’ll be back! Our entire experience of Namibia was extremely pleasant. lt was a bit of a surprise to go to
the make-shift airport at Walvis Bay but I am sure that the new facilities will be well worth
the wait.

We look forward to our next vist.
Allthe best!
Peter & Linda

I’ve been back to France last Saturday, as planned, without problem and with a mountain of great memories from Namibia. Among them, the day we passed with you at the Spitzkoppe was one of the best, indeed.
I enclose some pics, especially of the acacia blossoms.

Dear Hans-Dieter
once again thank you very much for the tour that you took myself (Gareth), Julian and Kathleen on a couple of
weeks ago around the Swakopmund hinterland. It was most informative and enjoyable. Who knows, one day
we might be back and we can hire your services for a longer period !
We had an excellent couple of weeks since then touring Etosha and the North West and we have been
impressed all the way by the friendliness and helpfulness of the Namibians that we met.

Yours sincerely